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Factors to consider when getting a water filter

Water scarcity is a huge problem all mankind is facing. Purity in water has lost its meaning and almost water on the entire of earth is already contaminated.

Drinking good water is important for your health.

Know Your Filtration System
There are different types of processes in the market. Always understand how do they work before investing in the right one. Some processes include, reverse osmosis, ultra violet technology, distillation, multi filtering processing, activated carbon filtration and ceramic filtration technology.

Accreditation & Country of Origin
Always check if the product is accredited by international or local organizations. A product that has accreditation from test facilities that has high standards for the purifiers can be considered the best product. Also, check the country of origin of the product and the number of years the manufacturer’s technology has been in the market.

Low Maintenance Cost
Always check if the cost of maintaining a system is affordable for you. It is not logical to pay a high price for the system and ended up incurring high maintenance cost just to change the filters every 3-6 months. Find a system that believes in long term maintenance and helps you to breakeven after 3-4 years. To some extent, quality comes with price. Do not go for low end filters since many of them may work for the first year and performance may deteriorate after subsequent years.

Value added Service
Buying a water filter is for a long term basis. Therefore, always check if the company offers you value added services such as maintenance packages and replacements once your filters needs replacement. Always buy from a reliable company with long history in the industry that you can trust. The product origin is also one of the important factors you should consider.

Some filters elements can be reused and easy to maintain. All you need to do is to clean it every three to six months and you can lengthen its life span to a few years longer. The extended life also lowers the cost of replacement in the long run.

Retained Essential Minerals
We believes in natural tasting water with retained minerals in the water’s original state with no artificial input of minerals. The retention of minerals is for easy absorption for the body.

Power Saving
Getting a water filtration system should be for long term usage. It is always important to consider if its affordable and logical to leave your power supply running continuously. Always do a check on the number of appliances in your home that requires continuous power supply, such as fridge, hot water dispenser, dehumidifier, air purifier, fax machine & cordless phone. Save power, save our environment!

Space Saving
In recent years, the kitchen sizes are getting smaller with more housing development. Since the filter needs to be installed in your kitchen for long term usage, you also need to assess if its portable and compact enough to fit on your counter top. Some filters are compact enough to install on the wall above your sink or even a hid away spot under your sink.

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