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Are You Risking Dehydration?

Take a quick check on the following descriptions.  Do any of them sound familiar to you?

 “I am a coffee (or tea) addict; I must have a few cups a day.”

“I am so busy in office that I forget to drink water!”

“I prefer a sports drink after every workout. It makes me feel good.”

 “Singapore weather is much too hot! I will choose iced flavored beverages anytime.”

 “Water is bland. My children rather have an ice-cream.”

While it is perfectly fine to enjoy beverages and desserts other than water, we must bear in mind that 75 per cent of our bodies are made up of water.  Satisfy your taste buds, but do not neglect your body’s craving for water which is the key to good health.  Habitually substituting water with desserts and other forms of beverage consumption will expose your bodies to risk of dehydration.  Although they certainly taste more appealing, they come with high sugar, salt or fat contents.  Without sufficient amount of water to dilute fatty intakes or help intestine detox and maintain healthy bowel movement, our blood vessels may suffer from clogging.  Cultivating appropriate water drinking habits is vital to body wellness.

In comparison to adults, children are more sustainable to dehydration.  Parents must note that once children are dehydrated, their body temperatures will rise quickly.  At a stage where they are physically active and the body still growing, educating your child to acquire a taste for water from young can help prevent heat stroke and common illnesses such as flu and fever which, when serious, can damage their young organs.

Adults lose an average of 3 litres of water a day at rest, during activity, through sweating and breathing.  Drinking at least 1.8 litres of water daily can replenish water loss.  If you experience signs of irritability, fatigue, dry mouth, constipation, headache, heatiness or dry skin, it is possible that you are dehydrating. If you are an active individual or involved in strenuous physical work day-to-day, you would definitely need more than the minimum required amount of water consumption to maintain functionality and energy level.

Knowing how to enjoy natural drinking water is as essential as knowing about the importance of fluid.  Swisspro, a Swiss-made filtration system has the solution to obtaining uncompromised Swiss natural water by removing 99.9% of microorganism and bacterial without eliminating essential minerals required by your body.  

Swisspro filters are manufactured in Switzerland by Swiss company with 80 years of experience and its products are widely used by global organizations such as The United Nations, International Red Cross and all major Armed Forces.   

Here’s an important tip to note while drinking water – do not drink in a rush or in big gulps; it is as good as not having drank any water at all!  Your kidney will pump up the frequency of urination and prevent water from being transported to various parts of the body; not to mention the side effect of feeling bloated.  Water is best absorbed by the body when it is consumed in gradual sips.  So enjoy a glass a refreshing water slowly!

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