Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will turbidity be removed by the Swisspro Extra system?

Definitely. Another word for turbidity is cloudiness, which is caused by tiny particles or coloidal matter in the water. The percentage of turbidity differs greatly from one to another area. Causes of cloudiness is due to the existence of dissolved organic matter such as plants or algae, after a heavy rain, during repars or any work involving the dirt, rust and other elements escape into the water pipe lines causing the water to be off-coloured.

With the help of the Swisspro Extra unit, 99% of this turbidity is removed thus produces an exceptionally clean water.

2. Shouldn't a standard cartridge filter be used before the Swisspro Extra unit is used to removed the sediment?

This is not required because the Swisspro Extra system is a complete system with four stages filtration including a pre-filter by which the matrix system is protected from large sediment and also extend the operational efficiency of the cartridge in areas of excessive sedimentation. In most areas however this is not necessary.

3. What is the different between Swisspro Extra and Reverse Osmosis?

With the Reverse Osmosis unit :

1. Chemicals are not removed effectively.

2. Wastes approximately 3-6 gallons of water to produce a one gallon of processed water.

3. Uses storage tanks which limit water supply.

4. Removes the beneficial and natural mineras in the water.


With the Swisspro Extra unit :

1. Effectively removes chemicals.

2. Purifies every gallon of water without any wastage

3. Provides continuous supply of pure water.

4. Leaves the natural minerals in the water unchanged.

4. What is the difference between Swisspro Extra drinking water system and a "water softener"?

The water softener does not function as a water filter. Sodium is added into the water by the softener in exchange for magnesium and calsium. This type of water is better known as soft water which is ideal for bathing and laundry and to a certain extend, lengthen the life of hot water heaters and boilers. However, this is not advisable to be used for watering plants.

Swisspro Extra is a filtration system which function mainly to remove chemicals, particulants and bacteria found in the water. Water hardness is not changed and the dissolved minerals are retained by the Swisspro Extra system. These minerals are considered to be essential for good health by many experts.

5. Can the Swisspro Extra unit be connected to any type of water dispensers or automatic ice maker?